Fluid Solutions


George Fischer:
Manufacturer of Plastic Piping, Fittings,
Manual Valve, Control Valves,
and Acid Waste Systems
Signet: www.gfsignet.com Manufacturer
of Flow and Analytical Products.

Mefiag: www.mefiag.com
Manufacturer of Filtration Systems,
Horizontal Pumps, and Filter Chambers
for Plating Applications


Serfilco: www.serfilco.com
Manufacturers of Filter Systems,
Horizontal Pumps, Vertical Pumps, Filter
Chambers and Agitation Systems

Blue White: www.blue-white.com
(flowmeters, pumps, tank systems)

Harmsco: www.harmsco.com
Manufacturers of
filter housings and cartridges
for water applications.

Sensorex: www.sensorex.com
Manufacturers of measurement sensors
and transmitters.

Bee Valve: www.beevalve.com
Manufacturer of Valves and Fittings in
Polypropylene and Stainless.

Hydronix: www.hydronixwater.com
Manufacturer of Filter Cartridges,
Carbon Cartridges, Pleated Cartridges,
Housings, Tube Fittings, Tubing,
RO Systems, Membranes and UV Systems

Hanna: www.hannainst.com
Manufacturer of Measurement
Instrumentation for Laboratory Use,
Portable Use and Industrial Installations

LMI Milton Roy: www.lmipumps.com
Manufacturer of Chemical Dosing pumps.

Kocour Company: Kocour Company – Pioneers in Control of the Plating Industry Since 1923 Manufacturer of Analytical Testing Equipment, Electroplating Equipment & Polishing Compounds

Graco: www.graco.com
Manufacturer of Pneumatic and Electric
Diaphragm Pumps, Sanitary Pumps,
Low Pressure Pumps and Grease Pumps

Atlantic Ultraviolet: www.ultraviolet.com
(Manufactures of UV Systems and Parts)

Graco: www.graco.com
Manufacturer of Pneumatic and Electric
Diaphragm Pumps, Sanitary Pumps,
Low Pressure Pumps and Grease Pumps

Blacoh Fluid Control: www.blacoh.com
(Pulsation dampeners for pressurized systems)

Lightnin: www.lightnin-mixers.com
(Manufacturers of Heavy Duty Mixers)


Calorplast USA: www.calorplastusa.com
Manufacturer of plastic heat exchangers,
plastic shell and tube heat exchangers,
and plastic tube plate heat exchangers

Scrubair: www.scrubair.com
Manufacture of scrubbers, evaporators,
air make-up systems, chemical storage rooms,
fans & blowers


American Plating Power: www.americanplatingpower.com
Manufacturer of industrial power supplies.  
Including DC, AC and Periodic Pulse Rectifiers.


Hydranautics: www.hydranautics.com
(Membranes for Osmosis Inversa)

Koch Membrane Systems: www.kochmembrane.com
(Membranes for Osmosis Inversa)

Dow / Filmtec: www.filmtec.com
(Membranes for Osmosis Inversa)

Nomad Pumps: NOMAD Diaphragm Pumps – JDA Global
(AODD Pumps, Parts & Kits)

Filter Pump: www.filterpump.com
(Pumps: seal-less, vertical, horizontal & mixers)

Filter Cor: www.filtercor.com
(Cartridges: Pleated, wound, carbon /
Filter Housings: multiple, single and filter systems)

(Mixers for top entering propeller mixers)

ARO: www.arozone.com
(Air operated diaphragm pump in plastic or metal)

Warren Rupp: www.warrenrupp.com
(Air operated diaphragm pump in plastic and metal)

Spears Mfg.: www.spearsmfg.com
(Plastic pipe fittings and valves)

Process Technology:
Manufacturer of Heaters: PTFE, metal,
quartz, screw plug and Coil & Heat Exchangers

March Manufacturing: www.marchpump.com
Manufacturer of Magnetic Seal Less Driven
Pumps in Plastic and Metal)

Gizmo logo...

Gizmo Engineering: Gizmo liquid level alarms home (gizmo-engineering.com) Manufacturer of level control systems, pH, Temperature and Timers

Iwaki America: www.iwakiamerica.com
Manufacturer of Mag Drive Plastic Pumps

Grundfos Pumps: www.grundfospumps.com
Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Pumps

Wilden Pumps: www.wildenpump.com
Manufacturer of Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Madison Company: www.madisonco.com
Manufacturer of Level Control Sensors and Controllers

Stenner Pumps: www.stenner.com
Manufacturer of Peristaltic Pumps

Pacer Pumps: www.pacerpumps.com
Manufacturer of Electric and Gas Driven Pumps

Chemtainer: www.chemtainer.com
Manufacturer of Vertical and Horizontal Bulk Storage Plastic Tanks

King Instrument: www.kinginstrumentco.com
Manufacturer of Industrial Panel Mount Flowmeters

Chemtainer: www.chemtainer.com
Manufacturer of Vertical and Horizontal Bulk Storage Plastic Tanks

Hayward: www.haywardindustrial.com
Manufacturers of Manual Valves, Actuators, Control Valves and Plastic Pumps

Pulsafeeder: www.pulsafeeder.com
Manufacturer of Chemical Metering Pumps

Sethco Company: www.sethco.com
Manufacturer of Corrosion Resistant Pumps and Filtration Systems

Graver Technologies: www.gravertech.com
Manufacturer of Filter Cartridges and Housings for all Liquid Applications

Aquafine Corporation: www.aquafineuv.com
Manufacturer of UV systems for RO Systems

Finish Thompson Inc: www.finishthompson.com
Manufacturer of Mag Drive Pumps, Drum Pumps, and Vertical Centrifugal Pumps

Mar Cor Purification: www.mcpur.com
Manufacturer of cleaning solutions for RO Systems

Fybroc Company: www.fybroc.com
Manufacturers of Industrial Plastic Pumps

DynaPower www.dynapower.com
Manufacture of AC and DC power supplies and custom transformers

America Grating: www.amgrating.com
Manufacturer of FRP Molded and Extruded Grating

Gusher Pumps: www.gusher.com
Manufacturer of metallic centrifugal pumps

Saint Gobain: www.tygon.com
Manufacturer of Industrial, Food Grade and Laboratory Tubing

Flow Line: www.flowline.com
Manufacturer of Liquid Level Sensors, Ultrasonic, Point, Non Intrusive Sensors and Controllers

Prominent Pumps: www.prominent.us
Manufacturers of Chemical Metering Pumps

Filtration Eaton: www.filtration.eaton.com
(Bag filters and Bag filter housings in SS and Plastic)

ZenPure: www.zenpure.com
Manufacture of encapsulated, disc, cartridge, bag, membrane and filter housing products

Dynatronix: www.dynatronix.com
Manufacturer of DC, pulse and reverse power supply manufacturer.

Witt Lining Systems: www.wittliners.com
Manufacturer of PVC liners and flexible liners for tanks

SEW Eurodrive: www.seweurodrive.com
Manufacturer of gearmotors, heavy industrial gears and drive electronics

Manufacturer of spill containment products ranging from 5 gallon buckets to train rail cars